Monday 2 July 2018

Godfather Aristotle and Josiah Wedgwood

There is no doubt my ongoing exuberance for the delightful craftsmanship spawned by Josiah Wedgwood Esquire and his porcelain empire is as fervent as ever. Dear Godfather Aristotle initially introduced me to the white on saxon blue design. Indeed, it was he who presented me with my first piece. The occasion, as I recall, being a modest celebration following completion of my inaugural watercolour of Farthing Hall. The gilt framed artwork still hangs in the Library where Papa proudly unveiled The Masterpiece (as it become known, despite my protestations) before - notwithstanding my tender years - permitting me a sip of champagne.Such a gay aura infused the Hall that evening.

Over the intervening decades my Godfather oftentimes related the tale behind this purchase. Apparently, whilst journeying through Staffordshire - not a regular route for him though a passion for his property portfolio occasionally took him to less familiar counties - he offchance came upon
the pottery premises. Eager to honour me with a keepsake from a most successful trip, he insisted on acquiring what became one of my most precious jewellery items.

Not surprisingly, the Classic Pin Head has remained in my affection ever since.

Such a munificent act was typical of my Godfather, of course. He exuded refined taste. Though that is no more than one would expect from a gentleman with connections to European aristocracy.

Only recently, whilst spending a satisfying morning perusing those contents nestling in the velvet lined mahogany jewellery box I inherited from my maternal grandmother, I came upon yet another cherished gift: a Classic Muse Brooch ensemble. For Godfather Aristotle ensured he took an annual trip to the aforementioned county, always returning from said journeys with a keepsake for his favourite Goddaughter. 

His demise a year or two ago sadly resulted in the stagnation of my collection. In a bid to revive it, however, the other day over a smoked salmon luncheon accompanied by the most delightful Chablis which we imported from our vineyard in France last year, I speculated as to the possibility of The Master contemplating a northern trip. Unfortunately, he explained, what with his business commitments in the Capital and obligations to his Club, opportunities to fit in random shopping expeditions to unfamiliar counties simply do not arise.