Wednesday 1 February 2017

Back at the Helm

I still recall with unseasoned distaste the demise of the Townswomen’s Federation following their Treasurer’s mishandling of the Bring ‘n’ Buy stall’s profits.  The village fête remained tainted for some while thereafter.  For not only did the débâcle end in the sad decline of said organisation but also the demise from polite society of the woman who, having been charged with overseeing takings, could barely resist fondling the funds.  Indeed, her downfall prompted the eventual closure of the group.

Although at the time engaged with the overhaul of my colonnade, such disarray in the community necessitated the need for an alternative professional organisation and I delayed my personal itinerary for the greater good.

Hence the founding of the Women’s Guild in whose establishment I played an integral role.  Indeed I led by example, taking on the inaugural post of Chair and only stepping aside when a number of members reminded me that I had surpassed the three year maximum tenure permitted by the Constitution.

In the intervening period I have refrained from active involvement.  Yet various shortcomings have been all too obvious and I have become increasingly disenchanted by wavering standards.  It was with some relief, therefore, when I learned of the forthcoming Chair vacancy. I duly registered my interest.  Regardless of copious commitments, I will do my utmost to restore the Guild’s status.

Voting will take place imminently.  There is little doubt about the outcome, however, and my plans for future organisational enhancement are already in hand.

Several new Committee appointments are to be confirmed imminently.  A couple of women whom, I understand, expressed an interest in my position but clearly lack the necessary leadership qualities, will ideally suit the more minor roles of Refreshments Monitor and Stationery Officer.  I sincerely hope my suggestions will be unopposed at next week’s gathering. I would not want petty infighting to taint proceedings.

Once the formality of elections is completed, I shall concentrate on rearranging this year’s programme.  My numerous contacts will enable me to entice an abundance of speakers to address our group, speakers capable of generating a more proficient air to proceedings.  Local do-gooders may experience a frisson of excitement at imparting their limited knowledge of bland topics such as flower arranging, stamp collecting and the like, but public speaking hardly falls into the same league as floristry and philately.  Hobbies such as these, I suggest, are best savoured within the confines of one’s home.

The Women’s Guild is of utmost significance to the village and I will ensure its profile is rekindled accordingly.  I expect other members will share my aspirations.
What joy to be back at the helm.