Friday 29 April 2016

May Day Festivities

Whilst I inevitably adhere to customary national and spiritual pursuits on public junctures, I am mindful, over recent decades, of May Day celebrations being hijacked by left wing elements intent on indulging the work-shy classes.

I have, therefore, decided to restore more traditional pastimes.  Familial entertainment is, after all, the essence of a jolly day out.  A generous portion of Farthing Hall’s grounds - not within sight of my West Wing quarters I might add – has been allotted to the hosting of May Day merriment for village folk. Springtime festivities, dancing and floral displays, together with iced buns and tea, will surely delight the crowds and revive an aura of English gaiety.  

            In true Gosworthy-Pringle style the event has warranted my personal attention.   Indeed my keenness to reproduce an array of authentic stalls and activities led me to instigate some research.  In that regard our local Librarian rather let me down. She not only refused to delve into her archives, but urged me to spend an inordinate amount of my valuable time in front of a computer screen undertaking my own enquiries. Clearly this was an unreasonable proposal. Hence I was forced to insist she request some aged documentation from the nearest substantial Reference section which I perused in the comfort of my pink chintz quarters.

Admittedly, the local florist appeared a trifle overwhelmed at the decorative garlands which I sketched, yet with a little coaxing she delivered the requisite number of circlets.  I only trust the village school has invested in sufficient dance / ribbon rehearsals to guarantee a quality and coordinated display around my recently erected pole. 

The May Queen was selected last week.  This goes against convention for it has been the previous practise for attendees to vote for their chosen Queen on May Day.  However, not trusting those who are unused to making decision, I took on that responsibility.

            The fĂȘte has resulted in a little extra work for the staff, of course. The gardening personnel are required to facilitate parking, my maintenance team has been assigned security duties and Cook is such an excellent producer of cakes and pastries, I was obliged to suggest she forego her Public Holiday entitlement. The festival’s inevitable success will, however, placate all members of Farthing Hall’s staff, particularly as my generosity extends to allowing spouses and offspring to attend.  At a generously reduced entrance fee, I should add.

            As to publicity, I have renewed my acquaintance with the local newspaper editor.  I expect that both he and a photographer will bless us with their presence. Several messages have been left on said editor’s office and mobile telephone lines. Such a pity he has, so far, been too busy to return my calls.