Monday 1 May 2017

Swearing In

What an invigorating day and one culminating in equal measures of exhilaration and reward.  Not only to me personally. I believe society will also benefit.

I refer, of course, to the Swearing-In of the new High Sheriff. He will prove to be a most worthy appointment, of that I am certain, hence my unshakable backing of his tenure.

It is high time a traditionalist returned to office. Last year some do-gooder more akin to left wing shenanigans than solemnity and duty took on this historic role. Indeed, I can still barely believe that the incumbent was of female variety. Thank heavens society’s equilibrium has now been restored.

In addition, I am also pleased that the new High Sheriff acted upon my recommendation of a military tailor. True, the premises of the custom clothier, being on the far side of the county, involved a lengthy journey but, frankly, the resulting velvet jacket and breeches, gauntlet cuffs, three pointed pocket flaps and black hose were worth every mile. HS cut quite a dashing figure, in fact. His choice of gloves - cotton in preference to kid - I will continue to question, yet he kept a firm hand on his cocked hat so I could ask for no more.

The County Assizes based ceremony was brief by official standards.Thankfully the weather proved loyal for the town parade which followed. Some citizens unfortunately appeared to regard the procession as nothing more than an opportunity to stare without restraint or respect. I understand such behaviour is quite commonplace nowadays.

By way of support to our new High Sheriff, I insisted on offering Farthing Hall as a venue for the obligatory Reception which followed. Members of the judiciary were in attendance, along with the Under Sheriff, one or two of our more respectable Councillors, several business entrepreneurs with a leaning to charity affiliation and the Editor-in-Chief of our local newspaper consortium. I trust the latter will carry front page coverage of the event in next week’s edition. 

Despite HS’s suggestion for a casual gathering, he eventually relented at my proposal of a formal luncheon. These occasions should, after all, be marked appropriately. As I pointed out, it is not within everyone’s capability to juggle canap├ęs and drinks whilst conversing in intellectual dialogue. Particularly if they have failed to benefit from attendance at Finishing School.

The afternoon concluded with a speech from the High Sheriff. He really is rather eloquent, a point I mentioned to him prior to my suggestion for regular monthly gatherings. I would, after all, be pleased to retain my association with, and offer guidance to, this figurehead of our community. 

He appeared delighted at my proposal. Yet being such early days he currently felt unable to commit to a date.